Welcome to The Australian College of Laser Therapy (ACLT).

Laser Training for South Australians by South Australians

The Australian College of Laser Therapy is South Australia’s first educational facility specifically dedicated to laser therapy. ACLT is dedicated to providing first class training that will in turn produce first class practitioners dedicated to results focused therapies for their clients.

Our classes are small, friendly, and relaxed to allow for personalised attention that will in turn maximise your potential and outcomes in our learning environment.

The Australian College Laser Therapy is dedicated to teaching the highest professional standards of laser therapy.  Registered as an RTO (Registered Training Organisation), ACLT’s CEO and Head Trainer, Deb Westland, is passionate about the safe and proper administration of laser treatments. Deb is not only an educator in the classroom but believes that a good trainer remains “hands on the tools”. Deb is the primary therapist at Lyte Laser Clinic which she started in 2004.  Lyte Clinic was the first clinic in Adelaide which focussed solely on laser therapies.

In this way Deb remains current in all facets of the industry and also client needs.

With changes in legislation looming, there is no better time than right now to position yourself in the market place as a recognized professional in the delivery of laser treatments.

You will be provided with the opportunity to train and work with the latest medical grade non-invasive laser technology available on the market today!

We are proud to use equipment from Australian Aesthetic Devices in our college and student clinic. For more information about AAD’s machinery, visit their website.

Tattoo Removal Training

Our Tattoo Removal course is a comprehensive course dedicated to removal of tattoos using laser apparatus, including both theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations conducted in our student clinic.

Student Clinic

All treatments provided by students at ACLT are supervised by nationally accredited trainers and therapists.